Easy Instructions for Using Itinerary Planning

Input your information in the respective areas for "Starting Point" and "Destination." You can input a street address, street intersection, or landmark into either of the locations.

To use the "Landmark" function for the hundreds of landmarks within New Jersey, click the Landmark button. Then enter the name of the landmark you wish to retrieve a travel itinerary for. Landmarks include all NJ TRANSIT rail and light rail stations (for example, Trenton RR Station or Trenton Light Rail Station). You can plan itineraries to or from major bus terminals and park and rides such as Willowbrook Mall Park/Ride or Port Authority Bus Terminal. Or, you can enter a NJ landmark (for example, Seton Hall University and NJ Aquarium). Even certain Pennsylvania landmarks are included such as Philadelphia 30th Street RR Station or the Greyhound Terminal.

In addition, you can retrieve itineraries to more than 40 popular New York City landmarks and tourist destinations. Simply click the "NYC Landmark" button and select one of the landmarks from the drop down menu. New York City Transit may offer additional service to the itineraries provided. For details on New York bus and subway schedules, fares, or travel advisories, visit the New York City Transit website. Note that walking distances are provided in miles as well as approximate number of blocks. Blocks are estimates based on distance and may differ slightly from the actual number because of the greater distance between New York City avenues than streets.

Next, you need to indicate the date and time that you wish to travel. By default, the date/time are set to the current date and time. However, if you are planning a trip for a future date, just enter that date in the specified format. The date format has been programmed for you to input two digits for the month, date and year, respectively (mm/dd/yy). For example, if you are planning your trip for February 8, 2006, please enter the data as 02/08/06. You have the option of selecting the departure or arrival time of your trip. Choose either the "Depart At" or "Arrive By" button and input the desired time. The time format has been set for you to enter two digits for the hour and minutes, respectively, along with the option of AM or PM (hh:mm AM/PM). For example, if you are planning to depart your trip at 2:05 in the afternoon, please input the data as 02:05 PM.

You'll need to select travel by all modes (needed when you want to transfer between modes of travel), bus only, rail only, or light rail only. By default, trip planner is set to give you directions for the quickest trip available. You may also choose to receive the directions with the fewest transfers or a trip with the shortest walking distance involved. The maximum distance you may have to walk is set to a default of a half-mile. You can change this distance if you prefer not to walk that far or if you are able to walk further by clicking on the appropriate distance you require from the drop-down list given. If during your trip, you will need certain accessibility features, please click on the last option for "Accessible Trip Required."

After you have indicated all the scheduling factors required for your trip, click on the "Submit" button to see the directions.

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